The Things I Didn't Say

by Petals On Pavement

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Songs written: June 7, 2013 - October 5, 2013.
Recorded: July 22, 2014. (Live / Acoustic)


released July 16, 2016

Guitar / Vocals / Songwriting / Recording: Maria Romios



all rights reserved


Petals On Pavement Burlington, Ontario

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Track Name: Sweet Sick Sad Blues
it’s rainin',
and i’m drivin',
lost in the town that i grew up in,

‘cuz it’s changin',
and i've been changin' too,
it seems so different but nothin's really new,

i'm wanderin',
the streets know my tunes,
they listen to my sweet sick sad blues,

i bolt them,
and tie them down to you,
but you don't feel, they can not hold you,

so I say,
what's happened to you,
have you been walkin' in those new shoes,

then you say,
every day's new,
i've been learnin’ to see truth,

my heart says,
i sing these songs for you,
but it's for myself, i just use you,

(as) a scape goat,
a convenient way to lose,
my sense of self, and then i'll find you,

a martyr,
a symbol of defeat,
the things you say, will not faze me,

try harder,
you live with this disease,
the more you push, the more it seems weak.
Track Name: Like Gloves
i fight, for fun,
you write, for fame, friends and fortune,

and i don't care, about that,
and you lied when you, said that,

i'm light, you're darkness,
--- creates perfect balance,

we fit like gloves,
fingers entwined,

we sing like doves,
past unwinds,

and i know you're scared,
‘cuz life's a nightmare,
so if you're scared,
be brave love, i’m here

my heart, your hand,
keeps beat so quickly, can you tell i’m racing,

i stand still, can't read what i'm thinking,
i feel ill, but i won't run, (i'll face the feelings)

i fight for fun.
Track Name: My Mistakes
blue eyes.
you and i,

i’m fine,
(it's) so nice,
by your side,

i won't, hurt you,
not ‘cuz i don't want to,

i wont, like you,
dodge the pain,
avoid the heartache,

my eyes,
get caught on,
your smile,

and those times,
that i tried,
i failed but,
i learned right?

my mistakes,
are my mistakes,
i can't blame you.
Track Name: Try
i wake up,
the sun hits a brand new day,
i shut up,
i'll do anything you say,
except try,
i'll do anything you say,
except try,

without money to exploit us,
we still slip through the cracks we make,
without you honey, i'd avoid it,
but you make me see it everyday,
just try,

who--- you know how to slay me,
knock me out, (strike me down)

my hands up,
i swear it was all his fault,
if i'm innocent enough,
can I keep you coming back for more,

just try,
just try.
Track Name: One More
i'm home love,
back to where i came,
i’ll hold you if you let me,

my hands run,
around your neck, to keep you,
seeing me cryin’,

my heart’s been stung,
a thousand times but you convince me, just,
more, won't kill me,

i feel your touch,
whenever i am, lonely, i,
make believe,

i'll keep you sane,
whenever you feel crazy,
I'll take the blame for you,

I'll play the game, (rev line3)
if you promise me you love me,
I'll stay the same, for you,

the summer breeze,
whispers it's way, through,
the leaves make music,

i beg you please,
don't fall in love with, out,
don't seem so sad,

so now i’m thinkin' 'bout,
all the things we talked about,
they seem so stupid to me,

so now i’d rather drown,
than be seeing you around,
pretendin’ not to notice me.
Track Name: Stay
fake masks, on a real man,
make it hard, to breath,

i, don't, know you very well,
but I still, believe,

and I, know it's okay,
can't you just stay,
and I, know it's okay,
why can't you just stay,

wake up, to a perfect day,
everything's, awake,

stand up, tall, ‘cuz you know you should,
even if, it hurts,

make up, for the things you lack,
become what you don't have.
Track Name: Gone
it's not fair,
but nothing is,
and i, don't care,
if you're over it,

‘cuz i’m buildin’ up,
what’s fallen down,
i’m sittin’ pretty now,

i’m punchin’ out,
leaving town,
and you still won’t miss me now,
that i’m gone,

i can’t do,
what i’m supposed to do,
‘cuz when i try to think,
my minds on you,

when i close my eyes,
the dreams come true,
when you start to sing,
i wanna sing with you,
Track Name: Sees Me
it's too early to tell,
but i felt it right from the start,
as he sings to himself,
i wonder if he even ---

sees me,
i dare not check,
‘cuz then he'll know, i ---
see him,
how could he care,
he doesn't even know my name,

i'm clumsy with bad luck,
or one might say i'm charming,
either way it's just one,
perspective, my ---

i swear it's true,
if you would only,
see me,
i want you too,
if you don't think that's insane,

let me know,

now were all by ourselves,
you still help me to let go, x2

i want to fight,
but you,
make my knees ---
a crumbling fool,
i am, when i'm with ---
i plead my case,
but you, won't rest ’til the ---
comes pouring out,
ok, i think i love you.
Track Name: Saviour
i don't know why we’re here,
maybe there’s no reason, i don't care,
either way, it’s still unfair,
all i ever wanted was a saviour,

darlin’ it’s nice out here,
i’ll write you letters, send you souvenirs,
‘cuz all i ever wanted was,

i can’t have you,
i can’t keep you,
i don't know you,
i can’t have you,

maybe it’s a joke but i’m scared,
push me too hard and i’ll cry anywhere,
‘cuz all i know’s that what i feel,
is real,

and i know it’s all wrong,
‘cuz it’s too far to fall from,
i, know it’s my fault,
‘cuz i loved you, right from the start,
Track Name: Swing Set
you don't know, me at all,
you don't owe me, nothin' at all,
meet you by the swing, set,
i said my goodbyes,
and i watched him fall,
and did nothing at all,

such a tragedy,
(but) that’s the way you see me,
i won’t stay, i’ll leave, i’ll leave, i’ll leave,

and if you wait for me,
i’ll walk so slowly,
pretending i don't care,

you won’t hold, me down,
translating organized sounds,
findin’ out the secrets, hurt,
more than you'll, ever know,

don't wait for me,

‘cuz i’m gone.
Track Name: Scream
these days, the weather's gettin' colder,
still you said you'd, stay, (with me)
i'd take your sweater over, sunshine,
any day,

so don't hold it inside,
scream, at the top of your lungs,
i hear you, and i’ll come runnin',
straight back home to you,

my dreams, ridden with the doubts and beliefs,
i’m not good enough, (for you)
so i'm wrong, but i'm smart enough to see,
you didn't mean it, when you said that you loved me,

so don't hold me closely,
i’m kickin' and screamin' on the inside, (just tryin' to let it out)
but i’m trapped, in your embrace,
like a rabbit, too scared to move,
when there's no escapin' you, x2

who knew,
you have to fall to fly, / you have to fail to thrive,
who knew,
Track Name: Dreams and Delusions
so maybe, i fall,
like leaves, dead in the wind,
float down, to the ground,
wait to be swept up, or buried,

‘cuz it's all, unavoidable,
an end, follows beginnings,

my mind's made up,
of dreams, and delusions,
but without them, what am i?
they exist, because i do,

so i wait for a sign,
or signal, that never comes,
it's all pointless, in the name of fun,
do what you want, for love, x2

park bench, in the rain,
it feels nice, to be alone, here,
i sit, by myself, tears streak my face,
but it's the sky cryin', not me, x4