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live acoustic

Written: March 6, 2013 - May 31, 2013.
Recorded: Apr 29 (tr 9-12), May 6 (tr 1, 3-8), May 18 (tr 2) 2014.


released May 18, 2014

Maria Romios (Guitar/Vocals/Songwriting/Recording)



all rights reserved


Petals On Pavement Burlington, Ontario

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Track Name: Detour
sometimes i,
can't help,
but find,
pieces of you,

across my brain,
still remain,

i like my detours,
detour, (x3)
stop wastin' my time on,

hijacked, impact,
i'm takin' it all,
friction, still slidin',

think fast, react,
i'm racing myself,
too fast,
to keep up,

stop wastin' my time on this,

help me,
fall asleep,
my head keeps talking to me,
it won't quit talking to me,
It just won't stop talking to me,

close your eyes,
breathe, --- x2
i'm so empty.
Track Name: Spoon
you, sway with the moon,
you, wait, too soon,

you, like the way i move,
i, like you too,
i like you,

i like you,
i like you, i like you too,
i like you, i like your wounds,

freeze, my heart in june,
erase, everything i thought i knew,

a fool, wouldn't even fall for you,

but i do, i do,
i like you, i'll bail us out with just a spoon,

i'll--- save you, x4

but i do, i do,
i like you, i like you too,
i like you, i do.
Track Name: You're Here
i think i figured it out,
i’m thinkin’ bigger now,

i think i figured you out,
i know, without a doubt,

so i climb the hill,
and once i reach the top,

i still,
gotta come down,

you won't stop, x2
me --- no more,

i’ve been thinkin' bout you,
i think it's time we restart,

i’ve been thinkin' 'bout it,
and i’ve got a confession,

if you lose i’ll still hold your hand,
i never cared about that anyway,

in comparison to you,
why bother?
if you loved me,
why you still with her?

I thought I saw the ocean in your eyes,
gorgeous never ending, blanket of sky,
so I lose balance and I fall into the night,
I never thought you'd catch me, but you're here.

you're here.
Track Name: Vulture
you come walking up to me,
i'm like a deer, in headlights,
but more scared,

with every empty space i fill,
you get more nervous,
or jealous,

so this song is an aside,
i wanna tell you,
what I'm thinking, inside,

but with every word i speak,
like a vulture,
you're pickin' at, dead things,

so i'm packin' up,
you won't be takin' me for granted,
‘cuz it's so damn hard to put up with wishful thinkin',
and i know better than most,
tonight feels like we're nowhere, i know,

pushin' all o’ that aside,
the truth is, i miss you,

bad, is but a word i use,
but the feeling,
is killing, you know?

and when you feel the truth,
that's how you know it's real, you know it's real,
and if you feel my words,
that's how you know they're real, you know they're real,
Track Name: Sea Stars
you feel bad,
well, i guess i'd feel bad too,
if i did the things and said the things you said,
to me,

i feel sad,
but only because, you don't see me,
i'm invisible, but more like sea weed, x2
i'm good for you but you don't like me,

who-- and it looks like sea stars are scattered everywhere,
who--- cuz they've fallen from the sky and now they're uglier,
who--- up close, all their flaws I can now see, (clearly)
but the flaws just seem beautiful to me,

I feel scared,
well, I guess you feel scared too,
projecting insecurities onto you,

It's time dear,
break free from that haiku,
predetermined form was never quite for you,
you do better when you're free do truth,

but the flaws all seem beautiful to me.
Track Name: They'll Thank You
could never take,
dreams from you,

you fight for truth,

‘cuz it's easy if,
you don't,
argue with them,

it's so easy if,
you don't,
play the victim,

move along,
put all of this,
pain in songs,

let them,
let you,
believe you're wrong,

'cuz (no) you're not wrong,

in someone's life,

they hate you,
for the light,

'cuz (yeah) they'll thank you,
Track Name: My Love
i don't,
think much,
but when i do,
it's always of you,

my dear,
it's only you,
my love,

i don't,
know you,
but i still,
dream of you,

my dear,
only you,
my love,

oh my dear,
it's only you,
my love,
it's always been you,

now the window's closed,
and your heartache's so old,
now the wind blows cold,
and your heart is still so alone,

make me,
make you,
love me,
like you used to,

my dear,
like you used to,
my love,

oh my dear,
my love,
oh my dear,
you'll always be my love.
Track Name: Set Me Free
i swear it softly,
you curse me outwardly,
i swear you saw me,
but you say it's fantasy,

i sweat the sunscreen,
straight off my tattooed skin,
i let a soft scream,
escape my bloody lips,

who, really gets me,
to take a chance, i know i’ve, gotta jump,
if i let you take me, i won't become what I'm supposed to be,
cuz i’m fallin’ faster than you could set me free,

the sunlight bathes me,
with waves of vitamin D,
i close my eyes, see,
what i wish, exists in dreams,

you make my heart beat,
it pulses rhythmically,
safe in my car seat,
i race you anxiously,

when your apathy astounds me,
then your arms wrap around me,
i still feel the same,

when your heart aches illusion,
and your mind sees delusions,
i still feel the same.
Track Name: Heaven
no drugs,
no friends,
got too much money instead,

no car,
no bed,
ride a bike, a couch to rest my head,

so i'll, play dead,
no one will notice, i left,
i hurt my head,
tryin' to fix the things you did,

make out,
my life begin again,

time out,
my friend,
this is the bitter end,

my life, my sin,
but the sunlight trickles in,
you clip my wings,
so i cannot reach heaven,

i hold, your hand,
you remind me of him,
nice day, old man,
my fuse is lit again,

my eyes, see red,
you will not let me in.
Track Name: Let It Go
to you, it's all, a misunderstanding,
to me, it's all, exactly what i’m feelin’,

yeah, i said it, and i meant it,

my love's, a bit mean, i call it like i see it,
and i'll fight, this disease, though i'm the one who feeds it,

so i took the long way home,
and i take comfort in being alone,
as i watch the feelings grow,
i don't react, just let it go,

in time, he'll see, i'm the one he's needin',
this time, i'll see, there's more to life than dreamin',

yeah, i felt it, so i said it,
yeah, i loved it, so i killed it,

i don't react, just let it go,
no i won't react, just let it go.
Track Name: Even
i thought about,
all the things you,
did, to me,
it felt like hell,

‘cuz you're mean, and you're
crooked, like a crook,
ya borrowed, but never gave it back,
to me,

he said, ‘i’ll never take it back,'
still i love him more for it,
his heart, more fragile than his back,
so I stab(bed) him once in it,

he sulks, walkin' round in black,
he thinks, he's the victim of a broken heart attack,

i say, 'my love, she's not your match,'
cuz i'm jealous, and i wish he liked me back,

now we' re even, x4
don't drag me back,

he laughs, and says I want him bad,
i crumble, i wonder if he knows the way i am,
if he did, he wouldn't treat me bad,
i counter, 'baby please don't flatter yourself,' x2

darlin' please, don't flatter yourself,
Track Name: Falling
so i’m sailing,
out, on the ocean,
the waves will take me,
where i’m supposed to be,

with you,
or without you,
it's outta my control,

row the boat,
build the bridge,
so we can kiss,
beneath it,

so i’m waitin’,
on the lucky passenger,
but they don't know,
and i’m not sure,

and romantic,
and optimistic too,

i always knew, i would soon find you,
but it takes, - time, to see, the truth, when it comes crashing through,
i’m falling for you,

smile a bit,
it’s gonna be okay,
‘cuz it’s not the things you say.